Broeder Corp was started in by two incoming dental students, Eric Bender and Jake Schroeder. (Bender + Schroeder = Broeder). Both Eric and Jake attended the University of Minnesota for their undergraduate studies in Biochemistry. 

The Broeder Boys will be attending dental school at the University of Minnesota (Jake) and the University of Pittsburgh – Pennsylvania (Eric). 

Having both line-striped in the past, the Broeder boys have come together to provide parking lot line-striping and sealcoating services.

Eric and Jake are happy to serve the Minneapolis Metro!

Eric Bender

Eric grew up in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.  He moved to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota, where he completed a minor in management in addition to his pre-dental studies.  He knows what it takes to run a business and has a handle on all of the accounting and managerial duties.

Jake Schroeder

Jake Schroeder, of Elk River, MN, began working in the line-striping business at a very young age.  With his father, a head-engineer for Graco Industries (one of the largest line-striping machine manufacturers), Jake learned early on what it takes to stripe a parking lot and maintain the hardware involved.  

Jake has many other skills beyond line-striping.  Such as welding and making pottery. Check out his Etsy page for more information.

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