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We begin the process by edging your lawn to create a crisp border between grass and driveway.  This allows us to fully seal the driveway up to, and over, the edge.  Next we blow and sweep clean all contaminant from your driveway to ensure a longlasting and strong bonding sealcoat.

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The next step in our process is to fill cracks with hot crack filler.  Use of a hot process enables the filler to reach deep within cracks, better protecting and preserving your driveway.  Crack filling is essential to holding your driveway together, preventing freezing and melting water from breaking apart your asphalt.

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The final step in our process is to apply sealcoat to your driveway using a manual squeegee method.  This technique allows us to apply sealcoat with precision and benefits you, the customer, by leaving a thicker coat of sealant for a longer lasting and more durable application.  After 24 hours of curing time your refreshed driveway is ready for action!

Why Sealcoat?

Minnesota driveways endure some of the harshest climate conditions. Long summer days with intense sunlight, water freezing and melting day to day, road salt sitting on the surface of the drive.

Sealcoating provides many benefits:

We do blacktop sealcoating!
Sealcoating your driveway is the best method to protect your asphalt. Minnesota has one of the harshest climates for your driveway –and it takes a beating:
• Strong UV deterioration,
• Freezing and thawing
• Salt
• Snow Plows
• Friction from your car’s tires
• and more!
Sealcoating and crack filling seals out moisture, prevents UV rays from the sun from breaking down the asphalt, and adds a renewable layer atop the surface to protect the asphalt below.
In addition to protection, expect these benefits!
• Enhanced curb appeal
• Increased property value

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